Who we are

Do More Now

Do More Now is a community of close to 300 artists, builders, and visionaries mainly based in the greater Seattle area with members located around the globe.

We started life as a small group of 20 friends from the north end of Seattle. In the years since, we’ve grown to a tribe of nearly 300 participants and affiliated camps who not only attend Burning Man, but gather regularly throughout the year to socialize, build community, and host local events.

What we are about

Our group is committed to empowering participants to challenge themselves by coming together to create innovative and playful spaces that enable and encourage the creation of art, performance and community activities. In other words – we create possibility!

Burning Man Village

Over the last few years, Do More Now evolved into an unofficial village — sharing space and infrastructure with smaller camps, allowing them to focus on the art they bring. This year we’re making it official, and are delighted to share space with Infinite Oasis, Buzz Inn, and Temple Guardians!

Outside Burning Man

The Do More Now tribe continues to gather throughout the year to break bread, share adventures, celebrate our lives, work on projects, host and attend Pacific Northwest regional events – but most of all we are always having fun, and challenging each other to reach new levels of brilliance!

Regular events include:

  • Beer Tuesdays
  • Deep Playa potlucks
  • Campouts

Past Projects


Firehouse Burning Man

One of our favorite projects to bring to Playa is the Firehouse – an interactive spectacular that is open to burners around the clock. Coming in at an impressive 50’ tall, this building is one of the largest in Black Rock City, and each floor offers a unique experience.

  • First Floor – Let l your inner Bugsy or Basquiat loose on the painting gallery
  • 2nd Floor – Unwind with a Life-Altering™ cocktail in the lounge
  • 3rd Floor – Cozy up in our chill space
  • Observation decks – Ascend to or 4th and 5th story to enjoy soaring views of the city

Playa Moon

Playa Moon Burning Man

In 2015 Do More Now brought a 65’ inflatable projection screen able to be seen from space! Okay, not really. However, it was clearly visible in some of the aerial photos of the playa.

Not only did Playa Moon add to the general ambiance with spectacular light shows, but the haunting interior acoustics inspired multiple jam sessions, and impromptu concerts.

Fall Equinox Campout

The last great camping event of the summer, Fall Equinox is an intimate get together for 200 of our closest friends. Started in 2012, this event is a chance to catch up, show off projects, and enjoy the last nights of summer with our tribe. Watch the What’s New section for details on this year’s event.

Deep Freeze

When cabin fever starts to set in Do More Now has the prescription for what ails you – an adults only midwinter weekend getaway. Keep an eye on the What’s New section to get the details for this year’s event.