What’s what

Camping with Do More Now

Over the last few years, Do More Now evolved into an unofficial village — sharing space and infrastructure with smaller camps, allowing them to focus on the art they bring. This year we’re making it official, and are delighted to share space with Infinite Oasis, Buzz Inn, and Temple Guardians!

If you would like to join in the village fill out the application form

The Firehouse Camp

The Firehouse is the anchor camp for our village, and early interest shows approximately 120 insanely (and sometimes insane) talented and hardworking burners from around the world.

We are nearly at capacity for 2016, but if you are interested in camping with us, please feel free to fill out the application form.


The Do More Now tribe continues to gather throughout the year to break bread, share adventures, celebrate our lives, work on projects, host and attend Pacific Northwest regional events – but most of all we are always having fun, and challenging each other to reach new levels of brilliance!

Beer Tuesdays & Deep Playa Potlucks

Weekly chances to reconnect with the tribe. Keep up to date via the Deep Playa Facebook community.

Fall Equinox Campout

The last great camping event of the summer, Fall Equinox is an intimate get together for 200 of our closest friends. Started in 2012, this event is a chance to catch up, show off projects, and enjoy the last nights of summer with our tribe. Watch the What’s New section for details on this year’s event.

Deep Freeze

When cabin fever starts to set in Do More Now has the prescription for what ails you – an adults only midwinter weekend getaway. Keep an eye on the What’s New section to get the details for this year’s event.